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Sex K
Name Estera
Surname Jaszuńska
maiden name Stein
Died in Treblinka?
Curriculum vitae She was a daughter of the respected and wealthy Stein from Lodz. Estera's husband died before war, her daughter and son-in-law managed to escape to South America, her son was somewhere in Russia. Estera suffered great poverty and hunger in the ghetto; both with her twin sister they stayed in Toebbens' shop at Zelazna Street No. 105, during the blockade in the shop Estera and her sister were taken away.
Institutions acquaintance/Friend/Author's neighbor
Source Henryk Makower "A Diary from the Warsaw Ghetto. October 1940 - January 1943. Polish was edition edited and supplemented by N. Makower."
Pages 86,87

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